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This Is What You Need To Know About Pelican Wireless Systems.

More and more people are seeking of ways to increase connectivity of internet to normal life issues these days.

This demand has seen greater adoption of devices and systems that can make life easier.
To assist; the Pelican Wireless System is preferable.
Using Pelican’s epic Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) Energy Management System, you can increase the satisfaction of the occupants through cloud-based management, reporting, and what’s better; you can increase your energy savings.

Remote climate control and touch-free programming is what you get from Pelican’s in-built web app that provides you with the ability to control your thermostat from wherever you may be, thus no needed physical presence in order to pre-set your building’s climate.

The pearl economizer can help you save 25% to 58% on HVAC energy costs which is a very practicable figure for any homeowner who would capitalize on saving bills and can also help you know when and how your system is running.

Pelican makes it way simple for you to identify the real problem when a complaint or issue arises, since the real-time tracking system records everything your HVAC unit does during operation, whilst the zoning solution grants you central management alongside centralized data analysed over a historical trend.

The wireless thermostat is a masterpiece, as it allows you to regulate the temperature, Carbon (IV) Oxide and humidity of your rooms, all in different combinations, with the help of a temperature and alarm sensor, power control module and proximity sensor, all built for this purpose .

The Pelican thermostat is one of kind since it is not a WiFi thermostat like all the others in the market, as it offers a higher level of security and is able to support a large number of thermostats, relaying to scalability.

Pelican has actually developed a scalable and secure wireless technology that allows you to easily establish control over all your building thermostats by the use of inexpensive infrastructure with no connection required, preferably known as “Self-healing Mesh Network” a unique feature in their product.

In addition to the accolades that its staff are receiving all over the world for their technological innovative culture, Pelican ranks as the leading manufacturer of internet and wireless enabled controls in Northern California.

All these features cannot be available anywhere else other than Pelican which allows you to safely securely and most definitely remotely monitor and manage your building from your smartphone or your computer; an innovation that many have managed to create, but none like Pelican.

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