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Everything You Should Know About Staying Safe Online.

All things considered, identity theft is something you should never want to come across. About 14 million credit cards were reported to have been stolen in 2017 not forgetting the 150 million social security numbers exposed in the same year. These are alarming numbers which is why everyone who is using the online platform has to protect himself or herself. You need to take every precaution when going online. It is essential for you to screen what you are posting on social media. A lot of people love Instagram because you have access to billions of great images you can scroll through any time. If you want to new ideas then this is where you should go and it is also a great source of inspiration. However, there are also many evil people. You need to think through your decision before making the post. No personal information should accompany the photos. The front of your house should be left out when taking pictures and do not have mail on your space when snapping the pictures. Additionally, you need to encrypt your data. Everyone has used an online service at some point which requires an address, social security number and also credit card number. When you pass the data through an encryption software your information will be secure because the letters and numbers will be scrambled making sure the cybercriminals do not get it. This website has more info. about that.

Do not forget how important it is for you to clear the cache. A lot of browsers do save information. This means they keep track your download and even upload history. For this reason, remember to clear the history and also empty the cache regularly. By not clearing your cache and browsing history you will be encouraging hackers to get your personal information and passwords and this can be used in getting to your account. You should practice anti-clutter lifestyle. You ought to avoid free WiFi as much as you can. Travelers are culprits. Any other person on the same WiFi can easily use it in checking your e-mails, stealing your bank information and even hacking your files. Your cell phone allows you to create a personal hotspot which is far safer. Before saying hi back to anyone who establishes a connection with you, think twice about what their true intentions might be. This is something you should be mindful of when using Instagram or Facebook. Catfishers will target random strangers. You can click here for more info. about protecting yourself online or check out this homepage for more.