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Ways of Detecting Whether Someone is Lying

Everyone lies and having the knowledge to detect if a person is lying to you is important. If someone gives you contradicting information, then that will affect the decision that you were supposed to make. There are two lie detection techniques and this includes natural lie detection and artificial lie detection techniques. You can tackle lies through the use of tactics, methods, and acquittances which will assist you to separate the truth from any false and then determine what you need to consider. You can use some questions, instruments and both video and audio proof to know if someone is lying to you. Natural lie detection is an art which is possessed by humans and which is based on cleverness and sensitivity. The process of lie detection can be hard, and that is why there is reliance on technological tools.

Lie detection tools are mainly used by detectives on suspects or witnesses who are in involved in crimes. The judgment of an individual is measured during the interrogation process, and there are signals which are sent. Some of the technological tools which are essential when it comes to uncovering lies are the functional magnetic resonance imaging and polygraphs. A polygraph works in such a way that it checks and monitors the heart rate, skin conductance and blood pressure of a person during the interrogation process. Any change on the polygraph shows that there is anxiety and thus the person could be lying. The functional magnetic resonance imaging also uses the same technique as the polygraph.

The functional magnetic resonance imaging tool focuses on the brain so that it can track how the mind of a person works and it has indicators to prove if a person is telling lies. Professionals such as police know how to detect lies and they will start by asking questions which are non-threatening. There will be a shift in how a brain responds when a person says lies, and this is the method that police officers use such that they will start with non-threatening questions and then proceed to the technical questions. There are ways you can still tell if a person is lying by reading the body language of a person.

The manner in which a person moves their arms, legs, and hands can help you to know if they are telling the right thing or not. You need to pay close attention to movement of arms, legs, and arms when you are speaking with someone and you might realize that these movements are self-directed instead of them moving on their own freely.

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