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Understanding Yeast and Brewing

Brewing is the process used to make beer. Beer was previously made in homes by individuals but today the hands have changed. You will still find some beer enthusiasts making beer in the comfort of their homes but that role was transferred to the major brewing companies today. In the developed countries legislation reinforced by governments restricted beer manufacturing to big entities that carried the proper licenses.

Thanks to a little relaxation in the same restrictions that had been put, people were allowed to go back into making their beloved beer once again. There is a definite process that is used in making beer. Yeast is a very important components of brewing beer, without it beer would not taste the same and for some people, it would never be beer at all, over the past number of years, the quality of beer has improved greatly and with that comes better beer. The yeast available came in very few varieties and even that could, not deliver consistency in the character of beer and flavor as well .

From various companies you can find different varieties of yeasts and they come in various forms. If you have the know-how to brew your own beer it’s up to you to find the yeast that will give you the best quality of the beer. For the lager style beer , lager yeast is used and for the ale beer, ale yeast. What sets apart the two is the fermentation temperatures, the ale yeast will ferment at warmer temperatures while the lager yeast will do the same at warmer temperatures. The package containing the yeast will usually indicate the temperature range of that particular strain but if that does not work out you can always contact the company via the website they will have indicated.

You can get the brewing yeast in one of two forms either dry or liquid yeast. Some brewers will recommend the liquid yeast because it contains more cells in the package and it does not require any rehydration later in the process. Yeast is extremely important in achieving beer that has great taste. Spare no expense when it comes to yeast , the greater the quality the better the taste. You also need to make sure that you are using the correct amount of yeast when you are brewing . When you have great yeast, you need fresh ingredients to deliver beer that will have that rich taste. Good brewing needs to be planned for, gather all the needed ingredients before you start. Make sure that you have checked the PH of the water to ensure that the taste is not compromised.

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