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Three Cyber-security Regulations To Understand As A Business Owner

Today, there are some topics that are taking the podium in the business and political world and cyber-security is one of these crucial topics. Where you visit corporations and businesses, you will never miss cyber-security-related topics. There are cyber-security regulations defined and it deems fit that you stay on top of these cyber-security regulations. The consumers are only concerned about their privacy. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of consumer data misuse hence making consumers feel vulnerable. Where you have business, you need to be on top of the cyber-security regulations and this article pinpoints some for you.

First, there is need for you to garner facts about the GDPR cyber-security regulations. 25th May, 2018 was the very first time that the GDPR regulations were heard of and when they became effective. These GDPR regulations were passed by the European Union and they demand that companies should notify their consumers on how they intend on collecting data and the reason why the need to collect that data.

There are industry specific cyber-security regulations that you need to be abreast with as well. Both financial and health industries are the most regulated industries in the world. These are two industries where the most sensitive info is and there is need to ensure that that information or data is protected and kept safe at all times. As a result, these two industries are regularly examined and regulated. Regardless of this high level of regulation, attacks are always imminent for these industries. Hackers are making loads of money after they get a bank account and social security number and they use these details in the black market. Thats why HIPPA is ensuring that the health industry is adhering to the set regulations. SEC ensures to also regulate the financial industry.

California consumer privacy act is another key regulation that you need to understand. The congress has been reluctant to pass legislation on cyber security issues and this has contributed the state of California to pass their own Acts. This act is expected to be fully effective in 2020. The act is only for the businesses and consumers in California.

Cyber-security laws and regulations are always changing with time and there is always need for you to stay abreast with these regulations especially where you are a business person. There is therefore need for you to acknowledge the above pinpointed cyber-security regulations. The only way to abide with these regulations is through understanding them and being on top of them at all times.